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Claim the power and certainty to manifest the love relationship you desire.   Sataya: The Love Psychic will give you unique archangelically guided insight into any love situation.  Claim your power using the Universal Spiritual Laws that Sataya: The Love Psychic will teach you.  

(214) 513-0163  USA   Near Lewisville TX?  Call for an in-person appointment.  Conveniently located near I-35 E and Hwy. 121.

WELCOME!   You've wondered if there are psychic answers to your love life's dilemmas. You've wondered if there are really authentic psychics.   You've found one in Sataya.  Let her share the wisdom of the archangels and the power of The Spiritual Law of the Universe to have the very one you desire by your side.

Sataya is a psychic, clairaudient, clarsentient, empath and channel.  She is a spiritual teacher, life coach and advisor.  Sataya offers individual, group and phone readings.  She also offers cleansings of homes and businesses.

You are very special yet have love relationship challenges.  Because of that, you have been guided to this website by the Archangel Michael.  The heavans have opened for you to give you the answers you desire and hope.  Always hope.  Get the answers to those burning questions you have about the love interest in your life. Sataya: The Love Psychic works psychically with intuitive and archangelic guidance and insight  to bring you the highest and best in information, clarification, direction and prediction with your relationship issues. 

Sataya: The Love Psychic  intuitively and empathically merges with the consciousness of your love interest  to discern what they are really feeling and thinking by working with divine beings clairaudiently such as archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.   Her natural intuitive abilities open doorways to untold amounts of hidden information.  She works within Spiritual Universal Law as you may have been introduced to in the book "The Secret" but take it farther from mere quantum physics to the necessary spiritual component to manifest and discern. .  

 Sataya is  a direct descendant through four ancestral lines of the medieval Merovingian Dynasty of France (The Sorcerer Kings)  featured in such books as  "Blood Line of the Holy Grail" , "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and "The DaVinci Code."  These men were  metaphysical priests as well as kings of France.  Subjects of the kings could be healed of an illness just by touching the hem of their robes.  Sataya is Desposyni.  She is also a cousin to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles of Wales and Prince William.

  Through this bloodline, Sataya: The Love Psychic  is also the great granddaughter of ten canonized saints.  She is the 45th  great granddaughter of Saint Bathildis & 50th generation great granddaughter of Saint Clotilde, both queens of France.  Additionally, she is the 43rd, 46th and 49th generation  great granddaughter, respectively,  of St. Leutwineus, Bishop of Treves;  St. Arnulf of Metz and St. Dode, Abbess of St. Pierre de Reims, to name a few. It is this royal, mystical  and holy blood that runs through her veins to help you with your love challenge.

Sataya has appeared regularly on MixTalk radio, Star 107.5 FM in Columbus, Ohio and many of her lectures on psychic subjects can be downloaded on I-Tunes.  Articles about her have been featured on such websites as, The Houston Chronicle,  Google News,  ABC-7 Chicago,  CBS-13 Baltimore,  CBS-11 Dallas/Fort Worth,  The Boston Globe and many more.

If you are considering a love spell, that is not a good idea!     You don't need to waste money on spell scams to manifest your desires and bring to yourself the love of your life or a better financial future.  Sataya can answer your questions, give you greater insight and direction. Don't dabble in the black arts.  Try a reading as an alternative to a love spell or  "The Petition to the Universe"  for outstanding results.  Sataya and you work together to bring about the changes you desire.  Just click the button entitled "Petition to the Universe" near the top at left to learn more.

 Sataya: The Love Psychic accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  You can also pay by PayPal by clicking the link below. Note, the link often does not work on Firefox/Mozilla.   

Don't have a credit card?  No problem.  Go to your local Walmart or Walgreens and purchase a Visa or American Express gift card.  Load it with the amount you wish to invest in your reading and then call Sataya: The Love Psychic.  Readings are $3.95 a minute with a minimum of ten minutes.

You were lead to this site by the guidance of archangels and the mystic royal powers of kingly priests and canonized saints.  They are here now for you.  Call Sataya: The Love Psychic.     (214)513-0163 



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