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Psychic FAQ

Common Questions about Psychics

1.  Why isn't psychic testing successful?

Situations in real life are better for testing psychic ability.  People radiate psychic vibrations and psychic energies that a psychic person can pick up.  This is hard to do in a laboratory.  Psychic events don't exist in a vacuum.  Psychics pick up on the psychic energies of events and locations.


2.  Who's more psychic, men or women?

Women tend to be more psychic because of the basic anatomy of the brain.  The area separating the two brain hemispheres, the corpus collosum, is wider in women, allowing for more cross communication between the two hemispheres.  There is also a cultural bias against psychic or "female" intuition.  Men are less apt to feel comfortable saying "I have a psychic hunch..." than women are.  Motherhood also plays a role in a woman's psychic ability.  The bond between mother and child is at a soul level and women are, thusly, more aware of psychic communication because they so often deal with it with their own children.  When children say "Mom knows everything..." there is a good psychic reason behind it.  She's psychically connected to her offspring.


3.  Does culture effect our psychic abilities?

Very much so.  When we are born we are amazing psychic receivers and transmitters.  As we age we are taught more to rely on our five senses and our psychic abilities fall by the way side.


4.  How can I foster the psychic ability of my children?

There are many things you can do.  Communicate with them on their psychic frequencies.  Send loving feelings.  Project visual images along with your verbal directions.  Foster psychic right brained thought processes and don't make your child use rigid "left brained" thinking patterns.  Teach them about their psychic senses and play games with how they can be used.


5.  Why should I consult a psychic reader?

A good psychic can help you validate your own psychic impressions.  Also, when an important decision has to be made, an independent psychic can provide you with unbiased information.  That is why I, Sataya, am a psychic to other psychics.  They respect my psychic ability above their own when dealing with important personal issues.  When mired in a situation, we often lose our psychic objectivity.


6.  Is one psychic type better than another psychic type?

Psychics with high intuitive abilities or people who have a high clairsentience ability in terms of being psychic appear to be more psychic.   Clairvoyants and clairaudients seem to be less psychic to some because of the way these psychics receive information.  It seems closer to normal thinking processes.  People who are high in psychic intuition or psychic feeling tend to be more naturally gifted psychically.


7.  Which should I trust more?  My psychic senses or my physical senses?

The best way to live is to use all your senses, both physical and psychic.


8.  Why do people fail when trying to be psychic?

They try too hard.


9.  Are the psychic receptions areas tied to the seven chakras of the body?

There is some debate about this.  Some say "no," the psychic reception areas are separate.  Others say "yes" the psychic reception areas are connected.  I personally feel that they are connected.


10.  Can psychic powers be used to control someone?

Someone with strong psychic abilities can influence a person or situation.  A trustworthy psychic, such as myself, will not do anything to abrogate the free will of another.  There are serious karmic repercussions for doing so.  This is why I do not dabble in spells.  To cast a spell without the permission of the individual it is being cast upon is practicing Black Magic, don't let anyone kid you that it isn't.


11.  Why don't all psychic predictions comes true?

Any psychic who tells you they can predict the future, is fooling you.  All a psychic can do is tell you what potentials are.  You or other people can change a potential in a second just by changing thought patterns.


12.  Are thoughts and words that psychically powerful?

You bet they are psychic powerhouses!  Thoughts are things.  You create what you think about.  Also be careful what you link your "I AM" to.  If you say "I am sick..." then you will very likely be.  If you say "I AM wonderful!"  Then you truly will be.  There is psychic power in words!

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