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Everyone has an intuitive hunch or a feeling about something from time to time.  If your abilities seem to go beyond that, here is some information and tips that might help you increase your own psychic abilities.


The Four Psychic Reception Areas

Psychic Feeling.  Psychic feeling, clairsentience,  is most closely associated with our physical body.  As a psychic reception area, it is located in the front of the body in the area of the solar plexus.  This is why you often get a "gut" feeling.  Many nerves intersect here which lend themselves to picking up psychic sensation.

Psychic Intuition.  This is one of the most fleeting of the four psychic senses.  It's not supported by any physical stimulation - you just KNOW.  Psychic intuition's psychic reception area is at the crown or top of the head.  To tap into Psychic Intuition you think upward and note your impressions or intuitive "knowings."

Psychic Hearing.  Also known as clairaudience, I am very, very strong in this psychic area which is how I psychically "hear" the archangels, Lakshmi, St. Germain and other exalted beings with which I have psychic communication. Psychic hearing presents itself as sort of an inner sound.  Words and phrases come to you as if you are wearing psychic stereo headphones.  Mine come in thought engrams.  Most auditory stimulation is processed in the temporal lobes at the sides of the brain.  Clairaudience presents at the top of the brain as if coming in through the crown chakra.

Psychic Vision.  Clairvoyance, is the ability to psychically "see" things.  To find your psychic vision reception area, simply close your eyes.  You'll note that your visual awareness moves up to the area commonly referred to as the "third eye."   You mentally register psychic visions through images, symbols or pictures almost like watching a television on the back of your forehead.

What are Your Psychic Strengths?

If you are high in psychic vision, you have the possible ability to be psychic in terms of clairvoyance.  If you primarily feel your psychic impressions then you are tended toward clairsentience.  If you sometimes have small voices that seem to speak to you then you are possibly clairaudient like me.  If you receive psychic impressions intuitively then you might possibly have the gift of psychic prophecy.  I am extremely intuitive.  I score in the top six percent in ESP tests - testing psychic ability with psychic intuition.   In what is known psychically as The New Energy, the veil is thinning between our side and the other side. Many people are finding their psychic intuition is being heightened.

Some people fail to fully utilize their psychic clairvoyant (clear inner vision) abilities because they expect psychic visions to be in brilliant technicolor.  It is more important to look at the psychic impressions that you receive.  What psychic pictures come to mind?  Whatever the psychic image, it will most probably be subtle at first.  Your psychic visions will not be full color psychic spectaculars.  Being psychic just doesn't work that way.  Don't try to force it psychically.  Let it flow and don't overconcentrate.  To do so forces your attention back down into the physical eyes.  Allow the psychic image to gently float in to you.

Psychic intuition is one of the most common psychic abilities.  Highly intuitive people routinely work at a very rapid pace.  They also have ideas just pop into their heads more than the rest of the world.  Being with a psychic intuitive can broaden your horizons and greatly enrich your life.  It is the best psychic sense for knowing the future and is one of the most unlimited psychic senses.  Psychic intuition is also a good early warning signal of dangers that might be around the corner.  If you are high in psychic intuition, do be careful, however.  You can become scattered just by the shear volume of psychic thoughts and psychic ideas popping into your head.

Clairaudient people, (clear inner hearing) tend to be analytical.  They also have a good psychic sense when someone is lying to them.  They also tend to be able to psychically transmit thoughts.  Because of their extremely analytical way of looking at life, however, the clairaudient is often the one to dismiss their psychic ability as a gift.  They also can come on too strong and radiate too much psychic energy in the mental realm.

People who have psychic clairsentience (clear inner feeling) are generally extremely sensitive.  Their feelings can be hurt easily.  They sometimes seem to be working in psychic slow motion because, unlike their psychically intuitive brother, they take a long time to sense things because the are dealing with things psychically at a more psychic emotional level.  Psychics with clairsentience tend to be more sensitive to the feelings of others as well as their own feelings.  They like being in a comfortable environment and will create one if it is at all possible if not in evidence already.  They are flexible and easily adaptible.  They love to hug!  On the downside, they are apt to pick at people's feelings and can, themselves, be a victim of psychic overload and psychically be overwhelmed.  They are also easily hurt by rejection.   

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